Skydive Wise


Skydive Wise are progressive theoretic educations about skydiving and wind tunnel flying. They take shape as seminars, courses and webinars. Our mission is to fill the gaps in your education so that you can perform better and fly safer.

Anyone can participate in our webinars - regardless of experience level. Learn where you are in your perfect learning setting - not at a noisy DZ. No need to travel or commit to a longer course. Choose only the subjects you want to know more about.

Ask questions, make notes and benefit from smarter teaching aids than your average cold-hangar-dirty-whiteboard seminar. In the webinar your teacher will show videos, 3D animations and show slides to help you understand better.

What is it?

Our Basic Course contains five webinars that you can join as a package or individually.

1. Introduction, skydiving history and recent development of the sports.
2. Visualising and learning how to learn.
3. Fallrates, flying trajectories and visual contact.
4. External factors: meteorology, terrain and aircraft.
5. Stories of stupid shit gone wrong.

Flight Support

Through Skydive Wise you are offered a skydiving mentor. Become a student and get life long support for questions in your future skydiving career. 

We are so happy to be able to offer progressive education about skydiving to a larger mass. You can join the webinars live or watch them On Demand. Prices to be announced.

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