About me

I was born in 1985 and grew up in Gothenburg - the second largest city of Sweden. I spent my summers as a kid listening to ABBA and Roxette, drinking sodas and playing with my neighbours around their farm in northern Sweden. I sang in a choir a lot before puberty, in churches, music halls and even solo on the opera. After high school, I had built a strong interest in design, photography and videography and music. I was illustrating, collecting music and brought a camera with me where ever I was going. I got admitted to a design school but turned it down. Instead I became a chef after reasoning that I would be eating for the rest of my life and that it made sense to know how to cook. During the same period I started skydiving so beginning from now my priorities started shifting to airborne. I ended up working in haute cuisine kitchens for five years and almost took over the last one as head chef. I worked with IT-sales for a few years after reasoning it made sense to know how to sell. At this point I cut away, quit my job, started to learn French and moved Belgium to become a wind tunnel instructor. A few years later, I became 100% freelance in the field of skydiving and wind tunnel flying.


I’m proud and grateful to be supported by the highest quality equipment manufacturers in skydiving. I feel confident when flying knowing their years of experience, attention to detail and quality control.

Skydiving Harnesses - UPT
Parachutes - Performance Designs
Helmets and Suits - Tonfly
Altimeters - LB Altimeters
CBD Supplements - Hempika