You could call me a perfectionist. It means that in order for me to be 100% satisfied with the events I work at - I have to arrange them myself. I work with professionals that share my values and we together are setting new standards all the time for what service and experiences you can expect on your vacation or training camp.


Slovenia Elements

The Soča Valley offers white and green mountains, turquoise river, luke warm air and a lot of explosive adrenaline. With Slovenia Elements you choose between packages that fits every type of adventurer - whether purely focused on skydiving or when you also want to be guided on your first real mountain hike, white water rafting or intimate cooking course.


Skydiving High School

Skydiving High School fills the gaps in your education: how to lead and instruct others, communicate with the pilot, handle conflicts, organise a load, spot the aircraft and how to place yourself in the correct mindset so you can make the most out of your future learning experiences.

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You open your eyes to a sea view. You touch down your feet on a wild beach that was never landed on before. A private chef source fresh fish from the ocean and prepare it for you over open fire. You go horse back riding on the wind hold.