What I Do



My philosophy when it comes to coaching bodyflying is to let the student do all the work. I can teach you how to learn and suggest options, but the more silent I can remain the better. The louder the noise from the coach, the less the student will be able to sense the balance and fine details of flying. Focused training and controlled movements builds physical muscle memory. Visualisation helps the visual muscle memory substantially and is encouraged and aided through guiding.

After working as a wind tunnel instructor 2014-2017 my level of flying and teaching reached a higher level and ever since then I’ve been working freelance - both hired by events and as organiser of my own. My passion lies in the progression of my students and I love discussing education and learning techniques. Through studying the subject of human perception and seminars with top world performers and field experts I have build a good understanding of how to optimise the learning process. However, my method is traditional: work on components separately and then combine into a whole.

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Photo & Video

I love portraying what we do in the air, enabling non flyers or grounded flyers to get a glimpse of it. When filming I strive for a “long shot” - a from-nose-to-tail perfectly framed video and well told story of the jump. It requires knowing the equipment you’re using to film to avoid technical problems. It requires good flying skills - almost always higher speeds than the subjects of the video since you’re flying around them in a wider circumference. It requires you to aim your cameras correctly while flying while keeping track of everyone in the jump at the same time. Now add the planning that goes into how you want to tell the story of the jump - depending of the context of the rest of the final movie.

Music, editing, post production. Together with the content you filmed they all come into play in the quest to induce the viewer not only with information - but with a feeling.

All photos on the front page are taken by me.
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The perfect event leaves the guest with great everlasting memories. The ones I like to organise have skydiving or wind tunnel flying as a red thread but incorporate spending time in nature together and strengthening our human bonds. A tailored event could start with a hike to a mountain for a presentation of your future jumping playground. A lunch with local cuisine could precede our first jumps together. If it gets too windy, I’d be happy to teach you ground canopy handling or take you to the river for a swim. Experiencing other things together than flying improves our connection and communication, making each jump more meaningful. We could continue the event with landing near a scenic waterfall and then getting our hands dirty with an outdoor activity followed by returning to the dropzone for a sunset jump. Food and beverages are a crucial part of our lives and should of course be treated as such.

I have been organising skydiving events since 2013. I love bringing people together and helping them experience new flavours, sights or sensory stimulation.

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