Coaching or filming at skydiving events, hosting tunnel camps or preparing and conducting my own multi-discipline events. That is the bread and butter of my work year. But my core is artistic and when I need a challenge, when I believe there’s a hole in an education system or if I need a creativity release - then I take charge of it myself. These are some of those projects. They are solely produced, mostly funded myself and a mirror of myself at the time of their making.


Freestyle Point of View

In March 2018 World class freestyle performer Leonid Volkov and I met up in Hurricane Factory Madrid to find an answer to a question: Why are all disciplines in indoor skydiving presented only to a static point of view?

Outdoor skydivings artistic disciplines have a camera man whose job it is to enhance the viewing experience of the routine that the performers present. The product presented to the viewer is the video straight away from the POV of the camera man. This will happen in the wind tunnel world as well, and this video is the first time a camera man makes and films a routine with a freestyle artist in the wind tunnel.


This is the 30 minute documentary of cameraman Will Penny and performer Yohann Aby from the World class skydiving freestyle team Flynamik. It's the story about how they ended up together, how they train and what they do in order to reach their goals. Sit down in front of high quality screen and good speakers, switch to HD and enjoy.

I filmed Flynamik during one week in Empuriabrava in June 2016 after they invited me to join them on a training camp and film them. It was the largest project I had produced at the same and the first time I had the chance to fully apply and combine my skills in story telling, cinematography and sound engineering.

First Perspective

Your visual experience is a muscle memory. Therefor, if you have experience as a gymnast and have made 1000 front flips from the trapeze then you will be more prepared to make a front layout, because you have already seen your world spin in front of you on the vertical axis so many times and will be able to navigate at the same time. This is as opposed to having everything just being a blur in front of you if you have to perform a new type of body motion at the same time as your visual changes dramatically. By watching a video from first perspective you will be more prepared for what visual input will be presented to you when you’re learning different tunnel motions. The videos in this series are not intended to be instructional videos of how you should fly - your coach can tell you that. They are meant to enforce a visual muscle memory in your mind of how it could look like if you do one of the manoeuvres as titled.