Slovenia Elements

Since 2016 I tailor make Soča Valley experiences using my unique background as professional skydiver, event organiser, and haute cuisine chef. Whether you are visiting for 100% skydiving or if you also want to spend a night on the mountain, slide down a waterfall or go horseback riding on the river I will accommodate for these wishes and organise it in a package that will leave you so breathless that you’ll never want to leave.

Click to watch video of skydiving in the Soča Valley.

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Picture this: Mountains await your first sight when you open your eyes in the morning. We depart to behold three waterfalls while the breakfast sinks in and then drive to the drop zone. The ride up in the Pilatus Porter is alone worth the jump ticket. You land between the mountains in the middle of the valley and we walk down to the river where the kayak guide is waiting for you. I pick you up at the end of your experience and while your hair dries I drive you to a deer farm in the hills for a three course meal at sunset. That’s day 1.


These are suggested packages that include accommodation, jumps, coaching, valley guiding and different activities. They can be adapted to individuals or any group size. Write me with your specifications and wishes and I’ll write you back with an personalised offer for you to consider. You can be very involved in the design of your vacation or simply leave it to me and I will take care of everything.

I have few words that justify the emotions of Bovec guided by Heffie: best flying vacation in the last years. That’s all.
— Rafael Schwaiger
One of the best experiences ever. Very well organised, every day perfect timing and without loss of time.
— Tom van Beneden
Organisation was perfect. We did in one day what I would have done in three if I would have to organise all by myself. Activities back to back - constantly moving from one point to the other with surprises from beginning to the end. Awesome, nothing else to say. Let yourself be carried away by him and it will be all good!
— Clement "Gyzmo" Ducloux

Earth, Wind, Water & Fire

This is the full Soča Valley Experience. Skydiving, horse back riding, staying in a mountain hut and more.
€1590/€2290 p.p in a group of four/two.

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Air Responsibility

Four days of learning how to lead, instruct and take responsibility at the DZ.
€1150 p.p in a group of four

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Air Progression

5-day skills camp style. Full focus on improving your flying.
€1550 p.p in a group of four

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The Healthy

Do you want to live simple, healthy and explore by yourself? This is an option with a lot of independence and freedom.
€1300 for one person.

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+ What's the story behind this?

In 2015 I was shown a picture from a skydive in a mountainous terrain. I stopped everything immediately and burst out: “What!? You can jump in an environment like that?” I did more research and was astounded by pictures of the emerald river, high waterfalls and beautiful gardens - all bordering Austria and Italy. I didn’t know a place like that existed on earth but I knew I needed to go.

I arranged my first event in the Soča Valley before I even had visited it. It was called The Mom Boogie. Four moms and four kids all came together under the open invitation that anyone could come that was cool enough to want to go to a place they never heard of together with three other kids and moms they’d never met.

We all stayed in the same household. Cooked together, went kayaking and zip lining and went on beautiful hikes. The kids skydived and the moms rode in the airplane. Everyone was in awe. The Soca Valley has an energy that I have not come across anywhere else. A high pulse as it is full of action sports, hiking and aviation, yet is has a traditional, low key Slovenian genuineness. Pure, simple and non pretentious.

+ How do I get to Bovec?

The easiest is to come by car. When you want to explore a bit deeper then it’s nice to have the freedom and the roads are quite an experience to drive on. However, if there's just 1-3 of you coming I can guide you around the valley in my own comfortable 5 door wagon.

Car: Bovec is 2 hours from Ljubljana, 2:30h from Venice, 4h from Munich, Vienna or Bologna and 5:30h from Milan or Budapest. Still, only 1:30 away from the Adriatic sea.

Air: You fly to Venice (2:30h Drive to Bovec), Ljubljana (2h), Klagenfurt (1:20h) or Trieste (1:30h). Depending on your budget and group size you can rent a car, a shuttle can pick you up or you can go by bus and BlaBlaCar if you’re on a slim budget.

Train: You can take a train through Austria or Italy to Tarvisio Boscoverde (35min from Bovec) and get a shuttle from there.

+ What activities can I choose from?

Water Activities Canyoning - Rafting - Kayak courses - Hydrospeed - Waterfall Tours - Swimming
Earth Activities Hiking - Mountain biking - Caving - Climbing - Via Ferrata - Monster Roller - Flower Power - Riding lesson - Yoga - Botanical Gardens - Photo Tour
Wind Activities Skydiving - Paragliding - Ground handling - Zipline
Fire Activities Massage - Sauna - Jacuzzi - Cooking lessons - Culinary Experiences - Open Fire - Wine Tasting

+ What if I'm not with a group?

Register your interest and I will put you together with other solo travellers. Your end price will be lower if there are more of you, and higher if there are fewer of you. The format will all be communicated thoroughly before to make sure everyone's on board.

+ How do I pay?

After you confirm, I will send you an e-mail with:

  • A registration form to fill out
  • An invoice with all the info you need to pay the deposit of €400.
  • General Conditions including payment terms and cancellation policy.

+ Do you do everything by yourself?

No, definitely not. I am collaborating with the highest rated adventure agency in Bovec for the river activities - Sport Mix. We jump at Skydive Bovec. Caving is done with Roli. Massages and wine tastings are made by Marijan. Dragan drives the shuttle. All partners are hand chosen, gluten free and live up the the high standards that I have.

+ What accommodation are we staying at?

It depends on what's available and your budget, I'll book it when you confirm. There's camping beginning from €10 per night ranging up to a luxury hotels. In general, an Airbnb or standard hotel will cost about €40-50 per person and night. I also rent out my guestroom, if you're three or less.

+ What if we can't finish the activities/jumps that we planned?

They will be refunded in most cases. A final invoice issued after the event will adjust to the correct amount depending on what we end up doing.

+ What do I need to bring?

In general: outdoorsy and breathable clothes and swimming gear. I will send you a packing list before your arrival.