Air Responsibility

4 people - 4 days

Photo by Ewan Cowie

Photo by Ewan Cowie


If you have the ambition to be a skydiving coach yourself or if you simply want to widen your skillset as a skydiver there are not many places to turn. For this course you come to progress not just in flying but as a leader.

In this course I will hold an in-depth education in theoretical and practical subjects on which you will be tested. We vary jumping with theoretical classes where you prepare yourself for being the responsible person of your group and on the aircraft. You will not learn how to fly. You will learn how to learn and how to teach. After this course, you will look at skydiving with from a wider perspective, with more confidence and larger awareness.

+ The theoretic course includes

Forecasting Meteorology & Geography
Briefing and debriefing
Communication skills on the DZ, jump, post jump
Understanding your aircraft
Skydiving aerodynamics
Emergency procedures

+ The practical excercises includes

Spotting for the whole load
Leading movements
Canopy Exercises
Awareness Improvement

Included per person in a group of four
Welcoming Dinner
Four days of leader responsibility coaching at Skydive Bovec
Five nights in shared accommodation
14 jumps in the group
1 inhopp at a scenic location
Online support before and after
€1300 per person

This package is not just available on request. If you don’t belong to a group you can join at the fixed dates July 10-13, 2019.