Earth, Wind, Water & Fire

Two or four people - 6 days


You want no stone of the Soča Valley left unturned. From your arrival until departure you will be taken to all the hidden gems of the valley and experience the top activities available - and some not in the catalogues.

This is when I’m really put to the test - and I love it. Your kayaking in the morning will be tied into a cheese festival in Kobarid. The wind is nice and you get to try ground handling a paraglider for the first time. Before dinner we look at a potential landing spot for another day.

All your activities will tie into each other organically - interlacing food experiences with waterfalls, with a live music gig, with skydiving, with climbing. We are going to be opportunistic and dynamic in our decisions making as a group. When we move we have a high pace and when we sit - we take it all in.

A package like this is unseen elsewhere in the Soča Valley and in the skydiving industry. I’m so glad to be able to offer this to you!

Welcoming dinner and introduction
Six nights of shared accommodation
15 jumps in a 2+1 or 4+1 coaching
All sky coaching and valley guiding
The Three Waterfalls Tour
One bigger mountain hike, staying in a mountain hut.
Rafting on the Soča River
Climbing a Via Ferrata
Canyoning the Fratarica Waterfall
Horseback riding in the mountains or on the river
Three course dinner at deer farm in the hills

€1590 per person in a group of four
€2290 per person in a group of two

This package is not just available on request! If you don’t belong to a group you can join at the fixed dates June 10-16, 2019.