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Adventure Boogie 2019

Adventure Boogie is back!
And this year, we’re adding speedflying to the long list of options for you to explore.

Imagine spending a week in magical mountains, where each morning you can choose to spend your day skydiving, or try out one of many other exciting mountain sports under professional guidance...

This is a freefly & wingsuit boogie where you can do exactly that. You'll get to enjoy the spectacular Slovenian landscape from the sky, from the water and even underground. You can challenge yourself physically and mentally in many different ways. Or you can just come to play in the sky with our load organizers. Your choice. And the best thing: you can expect a magical week in any type of weather.

Skydive load organizers:
Martijn van Dam
René Terstegen
Jasper Van Der Meer
Matthew Hill
Freefly Rob (wingsuit)
Johannes Bergfors
Matt Leonard
Yvonne Wiggers
Alethia J Austin
Floris Drevel

VIP 1-on-1 coaching:
Kim Törnwall
Oscar Javier Asfura
Carlos Pedro Base
Noah Bahnson

Willem de Groot (boogie master)
Even Rokne (innhopps)
Roy Wimmer-Jaglom (photo)
Lawrence Fansa (speedflying)
Gerd Weger (mountain swooping)
Jaka Lesjak (kayaking)
Samo Jeranko (freediving)
Lindsey Conroy (yoga)

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