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High School


High School is an extensive and professional post-jump-course education. We target you, the jumper with 20-500 jumps who feels like there's a lot of stuff going on without you noticing. Who’s asking in the plane for the exit separation but doesn’t know why it’s 5 or 10 seconds. Who gets a little bit nervous when opening the reserve flap. Who's wants to learn freeflying and is grinding head-up jumps. Who’s not sure why belly jumpers go before freeflyers. Who jumps because the jump leader says so, but doesn’t understand meteorology. Who feels that he/she has a future in the sport and wants to prepare for it.

High School #1 is the first of many courses to come. It takes place September 23-27 (Monday-Friday) at Skydive Empuriabrava. It does not primarily aim to teach you how to fly your body. Instead it covers everything that more than 21.000 accumulated jumps of training and teaching others has taught your teachers Will Penny & Johannes Bergfors about how to lead and instruct others, communicate at the dropzone, handle conflicts, organise a load, spot the aircraft and how to place yourself in the correct mindset so you can make the most out of your future learning experiences.

The course takes place 09-17 every day and is split into theoretic learning blocks and seminars interlaced with practical exercises at Skydive Empuriabrava. We will do 10-15 jumps where we practice and test you on awareness, communication and organising skills. If you want to fly in the tunnel with us we include 15 minutes of coaching where we focus on helping you understand how to use your body to fly. A tunnel camp where you get the chance to train body flying with your coaches is organised the weekend after the event.


Day 1 Theory
Introduction, presentation of coaches and participants
How to learn
Skydiving History
Explanation of disciplines in skydiving
Meteorology seminar

Day 1 Practice
Difference between different gear manufacturers
Rigging 101
Inspecting aircrafts and aircraft procedures

Day 2 Theory
Level, Slot and Dock and flying trajectories
Visualisation Seminar by Pete Allum
Canopy flying seminar by Julian Barthel
Emergency procedures in aircraft

Day 2 Practice
Rigging 102
Reserve Procedure Exercise
Wind tunnel training

Day 3 Theory
Mistakes we have made
Friday Freakout
First Responder Seminar
Spotting Seminar

Day 3 Practice
Camera equipment

Day 4 Theory
Communication at the DZ
Organising a group
Dirt diving
Organising a load
Leading a jump

Day 4 Practice
Role playing group organising
Role playing plane organising
Jump run scenarios

Day 5
Conclusions, repetition.

The course is held in English. Throughout the week you will be tested on landing accuracy and awareness. A course in ground handling and skydiving movie history will be spread out over the week.

The price of the course is €500.
It includes the full five days of training, seminars, ground and air coaching. We accept a maximum of 10 participants. The first 15 minutes of coaching in the tunnel is free of charge, the remaining costs €200 per hour.

Not included:
Your jumps.
Your coaches jumps (split over the participants)
Tunnel time.

The course is held by:

Will Penny, 16.500 jumps and 25 years in the sport, has dedicated his life to skydiving and holds a World Champion title in artistic flying. He speaks five languages, is educated in industrial design and is a driving force of equipment development in skydiving as well as a full time body flight coach.
More about Will Penny:

Johannes Bergfors, 4500 jumps and 12 years in the sport, is specialised in the learning and teaching process. He is an aerial photographer and videographer who’s creative work is world renowned in the skydiving industry. He has been organising skydiving events since 2013 and is a tunnel instructor and coach since 2014.
More about Johannes Bergfors:

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