This video is an example of how training components individually came together as a free routing with these shredders. Filmed on beautiful Corsica.

equilibrium - "a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced"

For this video I started learning how to use a drone for aerial videography, I incorporated more nature than ever before into my movies and the restaurant in the last scene of the video is the same location as the movie premiered in, making the following party a continuation of the movie.

A two-group skydive led by Fabian Raidel and Claudio Cagnasso during the Island Siege event on Texel, Holland 2016.

A two way skydive with Martin Kristensen.

Worth mentioning: Antonio pulls out a flip twist before deployment while I zoom in manually on my Sony AX53 Camera.

As probably the most awe-inspiring video you'll see with skydiving, it contains footage from a series of skydivers POV during the Adventure Boogie skydiving event in Bovec, Slovenia 2018. It was organised for the second time by ToraTora, a dutch skydiving team and event organiser.

My jump no 3000 from a few angles. Very rewarding jump, due to all the amazing other flyers and accumulated free fly skills.

In this video you can see me in front of the camera, over amazing Venice, Italy.